The Losers’ Club

Ned was a loser even among losers. When the most unpopular kids in school made “The Losers’ Club” he thought for sure they’d let him in, but they found so many reasons that he just “wasn’t loser material”. He didn’t have the newest game console, but he had the second newest. His parents cared enough... Continue Reading →


The instructions flashed in red, capital letters across the TV screen to the sound of the emergency alert system: “A SOLAR ECLIPSE WILL OCCUR FROM 1:00 PM TO 2:00 PM PST ON MONDAY, AUGUST 21. STAY INDOORS AND CLEAR OF ANY WINDOWS. KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED UNTIL THE ECLIPSE HAS PASSED. KEEP YOUR WINDOWS LOCKED... Continue Reading →


Nolori had heard stories from her grandmother about the little men who lived in the forest outside the village and often toddled through the streets at night like curious children seeking out all sorts of mischief. When she got older, she was told different tales. As she steadied her bow under her brother’s watchful gaze,... Continue Reading →


It was the perfect end to a shitty getaway that was supposed to rekindle our lost chemistry. The hotel was famous for its historical status--it featured the original architecture, furnishings, and even the elevators (the kind with a sliding gate behind the main door). The concierge was a jittery man with darting eyes and shaking... Continue Reading →

Black and White

I hate unnecessary complication. Contrary to popular belief, the world is black and white--there is no “gray area”, that’s just another way for people to make excuses. I’ll never claim to be the smartest person in the world, but life isn’t as complex as people make it out to be, and even someone like me... Continue Reading →


The trees swayed beneath a strong yet warm wind and the setting sun cast an orange glow between the branches. Grass yielded beneath his mud-encrusted boots as he trudged through the marsh, at the center of which lay the cemetery. His breathing was thick and raspy and he swapped the shoulder carrying his shovel almost... Continue Reading →

Symbol of Affection

Everyone was born with a symbol on the back of their hand; their soulmate’s fit perfectly together with it, like two puzzle pieces. Romantic, right? I never thought so. It was hard to find something like that romantic when you were born without one. Since I was capable of drawing, I had always scribbled on... Continue Reading →

The Wooden Sculptures

There was a nature reserve a few miles outside of town that boasted the usual informative placards and abundance of trees and insects the wilderness offered. But this reserve had also called local artists to create art pieces out of nothing but twigs and bark. Along the ten mile stretch of winding pathway circling the... Continue Reading →


It happens to everyone, and you wear yourself thinner than most people. You work too hard, stay up too late--you’re the living embodiment of the phrase “All work and no play”. Surprisingly enough, you’re not even one of those corporate pencil pusher types who sits in a cubicle all day, eyes shifting between your computer... Continue Reading →

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