Soul Thieves

Welcome to the world of Variance, a land ravaged by war and governed by dragons that ascended to godhood. Two of these deities preside over Last Bastion: Iudex, the god of life, and Descrasia, the goddess of death. Serving the unknown whims of their masters, the Reapers harvest souls at their goddess’s command and the Binders bring forth new life in their wake.

Obeying orders has been Melanie LeFrost’s existence for dozens of years, but recently there have been strange anomalies appearing–portals to dangerous pocket dimensions holding monsters unlike anything she’s ever seen. To complicate matters, a Binder named Anastazia has appeared–but none of the others of her kind even know who she is. With Descrasia scrutinizing her every move, Mel must decide whether to maintain the status quo or pursue the mysteries unfolding before her.

Chapter Listing

Chapter I: A Moonlit Silence
Chapter II: The Festival of Stars
Chapter III: Trials and Executions
Chapter IV: When Hell Freezes Over

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