Where Am I?

Welcome to The Nightingale Inn, traveler. Come, pull up a seat and a tall drink of ale; in this inn, we share ghost stories by the dim light of the dying hearth–tales of frightening creatures and gruesome curses. There are currently a few collections on tap: Choose any one you like or come sit by the dying hearth and let fate decide what stories fill the night.

If you’re unfamiliar with this establishment, I recommend you start with some of our more popular tales:

The Light Watchers
The Law of Blood and Fang
Take Me With You
Emotional Eater
The Hag in the Woods
What Demons Fear

Our collections come in a few different varieties:

  • Internal Monologues (Stories told from another’s perspective)
  • Popscares (Original tales conjured up by the innkeeper)
  • Urban Legends (Small-town myths—don’t worry, they probably aren’t true…)
  • Retold Fairytales (Classic stories with an unsettling twist)
  • Writing Prompts (Tales based on others’ suggestions)
  • Soul Thieves (A longer story currently being woven thread by thread)


Stay as long as you like, friend, but when you do decide to retire for the night…please mind the monsters under the bed.

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